2017 Posts

Below are links to all the 2017 weekly digest roundup posts grouped with high level seasonal themes along with summary highlights from each.


  • 7 – The Facebook Manifesto (23.02.17): Why Zuckerberg for President is a bad thing, AI everywhere not any stop to think, AWS AI blog, blue collar coding, beyond the data lake,  why you should leave the office on time, Theresa May’s Empire of the Mind, saudade, of time and loss, how your personality drifts in the wind of life.
  • 6 – American Unicorn (14.02.17): Why Donald Trump is the ultimate unicorn, TensorFlow 1.0, Machine Learning on hardware devices, image recognition at Facebook, AWS Rekognition, how to build a data science team, Kodi, Grizzly Steppe, China mobile trends, smartphones are over, code poetry, places lost and found
  • 5 – Digital Canute (07.02.17): Why Trump can no more hold back automation than Canute could the waves, the fear of terrorism trumps that of technological unemployment, the reality of global refugee flows, Boston Dynamics’ latest nightmare robot, machine learning and music, the nightclub of the future, Schneier on IoT security, RIP Club Penguin, the holographic universe, high performing teams and the transition from manager to leader.
  • 4 – American Golem (30.01.17):  Trump as cowboy and modern golem, a monster made from our own digital clay aided and abetted by big data, an RNN generates speech, Amazon’s Hollywood ambitions, Alexa growth, an example Alexa app built using FlaskAsk, modularity, agile and shipping containers, Mike Oldfield 44 years on.
  • 3 – Exceptionalism (21.01.17):  Trump’s dark vision,  on exceptionalism, connected car platforms, AI trends, Google’s Ara dream is over, Xiaomi’s connected home dream is beginning albeit without Hugo Barra, Go, ReactJS and the case for job stories rather than user stories.
  • 2 – The Uncertainty Principle (14.01.17): Populism, technological unemployment, the 12 types of AI, Andy Rubin’s Essential, why Alexa will own voice, radical candour, some great career advice for younger developers and why retention should be any manager’s number 1 metric.
  • 1 – The Future and Its Enemies (07.01.17): Political atomisation and the G-zero world, how WWIII could happen by mistake, the US and lessons from globalization. US companies in China, Deep Learning review, serverless, CES review, on the ruination of things.

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