2018 Posts

Below are links to all the 2018 weekly digest roundup posts grouped with high level seasonal themes along with summary highlights from each.


  • 44 – Chatbot Winter (14.01.18):  Chatbots in the trough of disillusion with Facebook M’s shutdown, Alexa’s inroads with third party manufacturers, Google tactron 2  text to speech technology, mycroft.ai switching to Deep Speech, Deep Mind health initiative, advances in Machine Learning in 2017, deep learning infrastructure at Facebook, robot farming, GitOps, CES and the Hoover Dam, the Silicon Valley backlash that isn’t but dark developments that are and digital detox.
  • 43 – Of Superhuman Order (07.01.18):  The teleology of transhumanism, total surveillance and agnotology, Deep Learning skepticism, capsule networks, computers that can predict death, reaction to Spectre and Meltdown, mastering Python according to Quora, trunk-based development, join the FSF, Adobe Jesus and why there’s never been a better time to be single.